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Guide to Affordable Housing in the Austin Area

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About Austin Tenants Council

The Austin Tenants Council (ATC), a private nonprofit organization, was founded in 1972 by community and VISTA volunteers. For more than 40 years, ATC has dedicated itself to ensuring safe, decent, and fair housing for all. ATC’s programs and services provide essential counseling, mediation, and referral to primarily low-income tenants whose rights have been violated. The Austin Tenants’ Council’s staff and Board of Directors hope that the many people in Austin who need affordable housing will find this guide helpful in securing homes for their families.

About the Guide to Affordable Housing in the Greater Austin Area

This 15th edition of the Guide to Affordable Housing in the Greater Austin Area is an updated version of the guide originally released in October 1995.

If there is any information found in the Guide to Affordable Housing in the Greater Austin Area that needs to be updated or corrected, email the ATC at

The Guide to Affordable Housing in the Greater Austin Area (GAHGAA) is a tool for people seeking affordable rental housing in Austin and the surrounding communities. GAHGAA contains general information on housing programs funded on the local, county, state, and federal levels, as well as specific information about complexes participating in these programs. It contains lists and explanations of rental housing with rent restrictions, income-based rents, and tenant income limits. GAHGAA only lists programs which have project-based assistance; it does not provide information on voucher and certificate programs, temporary housing, or emergency rent payment assistance. 

Housing is arranged by geographical area, with the funding program and qualifying income level indicated in the right-hand column. If you are looking for housing, first determine which income level you fall under using the Income and Rent Guidelines. Then, look through the Apartment Lists for housing (the income level is in the right-hand column). Once you find a place that may be suitable, call the management or go to the site for a look. The management can tell you whether there are any vacancies, how to apply for an apartment, and whether they keep a waiting list. Management companies and phone numbers may change. If the phone number listed is incorrect, go to the complex and inquire at the on-site office (if there is one). To get more information on a particular complex or its funding program, look up the program in the Program Descriptions, and call or write the organization listed.

The Program Descriptions in the back of the booklet explain how the programs work and what restrictions are on the apartments. From the Income and Rent Guidelines, you can look up the actual dollar amount of income or rent limits, as well as check which income level you fall under. These income guidelines will change from year to year, so if you are using this guide a year or more after printing, the income and rent limits may be higher than what the charts say. Also, be prepared to show proof of your income when applying for any of the housing listed in this guide.

Not all of the listings in the guide could be verified, so possibly, some of the properties are no longer under the programs cited. If you find a discrepancy in the information provided here, please feel free to email

Please understand that there is a significant difference between apartments where the rents are based on the tenants’ income and properties that may be called “affordable housing.” For many of the listed properties, the developer received a tax credit in exchange for keeping the apartment below market rate but the rent is not based on the tenants’ income. While waiting lists are generally long for apartments that base rent on income, the Austin Tenants Council suggests getting on as many waiting lists as possible to increase your chances.

The Austin Tenants’ Council does not inspect apartment listings, or make any representation or warranty.


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